Whether you want a heat pump for winter heating or an air conditioner for summer cooling, our team of refrigeration technicians can supply and install it for you. We offer only top quality units from PANASONIC, a market leader in quality, design and performance.


High Wall

PANASONIC Wall mounted units are ideal for achieving comfort in a large room or open plan area. Panasonic heat pumps are cost effective and offer exceptional performance and efficiency. Ideal for any home or office giving a pleasing aesthetic option for climate control in a localized area.


Floor Console

PANASONIC Floor mounted units are slim and look fantastic. Their performance, reliability and aesthetics are unmatched. A great solution if you prefer a slim non-intrusive appearance or if wall space for a high wall space is limited. They can also be rebated deep into the wall to give a slim and attractive profile.


Ceiling Cassette

PANASONIC Ceiling mounted units can be an intelligent solution for tricky jobs. Ceiling mounted, they deliver climate control in a singular or quadruple directional flow depending on the room and its temperature requirements.


We are trained professionals, not part timers! With over 15 years' experience working with heat pump installations, service and repair we will guarantee a high quality installation. It takes time and technical ability to install heat pumps properly, ensuring you get the maximum life out of your purchase. We take pride in our work.

Home heat pump Buyers Guide

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners will keep your home the right temperature no matter the season. When it's cold outside a heat pump extracts this outside heat and transfers it inside. Then when it is warm it works as an air conditioner. The best part is that you get two units in one. The outstanding choice is the Panasonic range.

Durability test

The Heat Pumps main mission is to provide a level of durability that ensures stable operation for many years. In order to achieve this, PANASONIC conduct a long-term continuous operation test. The results of this test, which is conducted under conditions that are much more severe than actual operating conditions, prove the rugged strength of Panasonic air conditioners.

Operating Test in Harsh Conditions

In addition to tests under normal operating conditions, an operating durability test is conducted in a high-temperature, high-humidity test chamber at a temperature up to 55°C. For use in extremely cold climates, the test is also conducted in a low-temperature test chamber down to -20°C. These tests are conducted to see if there is sufficient lubrication inside the compressor under various operating conditions.

Compressor Reliability Test

After the continuous operation test, Panasonic remove the compressor from a selected outdoor test unit, disassemble it, then examine the internal mechanisms and parts for possible failure and durability. Panasonic Heat Pumps continue to provide their designed performance for many years even after prolonged operation under harsh conditions.


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