We supply and install only the BEST heat pumps available. Whether you have purchased a unit that you need installed or you want us to provide a total supply and installation package, look no further. We will assist with your pool heating requirements.

Stainless steel heat pumps from 10Kw to 300Kw, residential or commercial; we know what is right for your pool.

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And best of all, we have years of experience in the field and offer great service and repair capability.


We supply and install high quality swimming pool heat pumps incorporating the latest cutting edge technology.

The STAINLESS STEEL cases are long lasting and the pumps have TITANIUM heat exchangers which allows use with salt water or chlorinator systems without damage. The Panasonic compressors are fully charged with environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant. A digitally-controlled thermostat makes it easy to see the temperature cycle. These heat pumps also incorporate a reverse refrigerant defrost cycle. A COP of 5.3 means for every kilowatt of power input you obtain approximately 5kw of heat output - that's over 500% efficient! This means a super low operating cost! These swimming pool heat pumps have a cutting-edge fan design making these units extremely quiet when running!

Determining the correct size swimming pool heat pump is important. Many companies will try to sell you a smaller cheaper inadequate heat pump. We use heating formulas and extensive experience to deliver the correct size

Why Stainless steel ? ...The answer is simple

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